Multi-layer Barrier PET Bottle

    → Brief Introduction

    Multi-layer barrier Bottle normally is used for the sensitive beverage industry or the pressure bottle. Due to the different layers of the preforms, it helps the content keeping away from gone bad. But it is difficult to be blown by stretching type. Based on the decade’s experience of R&D in two stage stretch blow molding machine, MEGA has successful developed a new system for the Multi-layer barrier bottles. It is suitable for the different multi-layer barrier application.

    Sauces, preserves, beer, cheese, cleaner…
    Optimized material distribution for enhanced package appearance
    Cost saving on raw material

    → Remark

    Multi-Layer barrier bottle is also called as barrier bottle, normally is made from the multi-layer preforms or the single layer bottle with additional inner or outer coating layer.

    Multi-Layer barrier bottle Samples

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