Large PET Container (5 gallon PET bottles)

    → Brief Introduction

    Mega offers the competitive large PET container production solutions. PET is free of BPA which means PET is the most safety packaging plastic materials.
    Our MG range of machines enables the blowing of single serve and returnable PET bottles from 3 to 7 gallon (11.5L to 26.5L). PET is lighter and less expensive than the traditional extrusion blow molded PC bottles.

    Water Numerous other Food & Beverage products
    less expensive than PC

    → Remark

    Reheat stretch blow molding machine for large container PET bottles, is also called PET stretch blow molding machine for 5 gallon PET bottles, and PET bottle blowing machine for large PET container.

    Bottle Samples

    Mega Machinery, the Professional blow molding equipments supplier in China.