Hot Fill PET Bottles

    → Brief Introduction

    Normally PET bottles caused deformation when the temperature of the liquid over 65°C due to glass transition.

    Thanks to the design contributions of our GM Cai Yuansen, Mega has developed the revolutionary multiple blowing stage and air cooling system two methods for hot fill (heat set) PET bottles. Both of systems are introduced to reduce the level of PET residual stress and increase the rate of PET crystallization. Now PET bottles can stand hot filling without any deformation at all.

    Fruit juices, isotonic drinks, teas and coffees, soy sauce …
    Increasing the filling temperature without any deformation.

    → Remark

    Air cooling system and multiple blowing stages are special designed for heat set PET bottles which also it called as heat resistance PET bottles; MEGA acquired the Patent for it. Currently, all of our standard two stage stretch blow molding machines could add the air cooling system options, the Multiple blowing stages is only available for MG-HR series.

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