SEMI-Automatic Blow Molding Machine

    Mega machinery Mold is the professional semi-automatic blow moulding machines manufacturer, supplier and maker in China. Mega Machinery has rich history of manufacturing semi-automatic blow moulding machine. After decades of technical update, some machines have been out of sight while some machines have been improved up to the latest level. The semi-automatic blow molding machine including MG-880, MG-600, MG-90, MG-Jar700, MG-900, and MG-5IIB still play a very important role in the plastic bottle market. MG-600 in particular is designed for LUHUA GROUP to make 5L peanut oil container. This series is widely used to produce container for carbonated drink, mineral water, edible oil, pesticide and cosmetic, and also for making jar and hot filling container. Those container ranges from 5gallon bucket, lampshade to eyes drop bottle.

    MG-SA Blow Moulding Machines

    SA series blow moulding machine is the latest high output semi-automaitc PET blow moulding machine. [more]

    MG-880 Semi-Automatic Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

    MG-880 semi-automatic blow moulding machine has been improved on the base of MG-5IIB, [more]

    MG-900 Semi-Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine

    MG-900 semi-automatic blow moulding machine has been improved on the base of MG-880. [more]

    MG-90 PET blow moulding machine for Large PET bottles

    MG-90 PET blow moulding machine for large PET bottles is specially designed to produce 5-gallon PET container, [more]

    MG-Jar700 Semi-Automatic Blow Moulding Machine

    Mega is Chinese professional blow moulding machine makers for Wide neck and Wide mouth PET Jar container .? [more]

    MG-SA2 M / L Semi-Automatic Blow Moulding Machine

    The MG-SA2L semi-automatic blow molding machine is an improvement on the basis of our MG-600 machine, [more]