MG-PP Sretch Blow Moulding Machine

    Brief Introduction

    MG-PP stretch blow moulding machine is specially designed for hospital and dairy product package because the purity of the blowing air is the most outstanding point of the machine. The “STATIC DUST-REMOVING SYSTEM” removes tiny dust from performs in the course of automatic conveyor sending preforms. Long preform baking tunnel meets requirements of “GRADUAL HEATING” to have heating quality of performs. MG-PP overcomes many technical constrains and perfects its function of purifying the blowing air ideally, and now it has already become an ideal equipment for hospital liquid medicine package and most popular container for dairy products without pollution.


    * Control system
    The control system is the key of MG-PP Stretch blow moulding machine. Together with HITECH Man-Machine Interaction (MMI) control panel with user-friendly, the whole control system presents super performance with precise control, convenient parameter setup, obvious display and reasonable memory.

    * Pneumatic system
    Pneumatic system provides the power for MG-PP’s movement. World famous high quality pneumatic components are equipped on MG-PP 2000 such as Festo from Germany. High precise action, long service life and reliable performance are their highlights. Those pneumatic components suppliers’ global service network provides customer their prompt after-sale service locally for their pneumatic products used on MG-PP 2000.

    * Sensor system
    MG-PP adopts high quality imported sensor & switch system including proximity switch, photoelectric switch, electronic magnet switch to keep production process going step by step and avoid possible damage on machine.

    * Heating system
    In consideration of PP property, MG-PP stretch blow moulding machine adopts specially designed long baking tunnel and infrared type heating mode, whose superior thermal-radiation and thermal penetrability provide machine with powerful heating to meet strict preform heating requirement under speedy moving. Infrared heating lamps placed onto three heating zone with sets of independent voltage adjusting module and advanced microcomputer controller, can offer ideal heating for preform of different size. The horizontal position of each lamp’s is adjustable to keep the machine flexible.

    * Clamping system
    MG-PP adopts three-plate type toggle clamping unit to provide powerful clamping force. Apart from the three-plate type toggle clamping unit, there is a high pressure assistant clamping device that is special designed to get a firm clamping.

    * Preform feeding & bottle discharging system
    MG-PP 2000 automatic stretch blow molding machine is equipped with automatic prefrom loading system, which protect the neck of the perform from possible damages. The heated preforms are blown with neck up so as to ensure the quality of the finished bottle, and then shaped bottles will automatic fall down during the machine’ movement.


    1.Feeding system carries the preform automatically.
    2.Static dust-removing system remove tiny dust in performs.
    3.Suit to produce 0.05 ~ 1.5L narrow neck PP container
    4.Advanced PLC control system with a use-friendly control panel 5.Reliable sensor system monitor machine’s auto running
    6.Equipped with special designed air storage unit
    7.Powerful heating unit with precision control and specially designed preform long baking tunnel.
    8.Cooling system to get perfect cooling result
    9.Compact structure to save space
    10.No need any human labor during bottle production
    11.Prevent bottle from possible pollution by worker
    12.All of main parts are made of stainless steel.
    13.Simple installation & startup adjustment
    14.Waste rate of finished bottle is less than 0.3%

    Container/Bottle Samples Follows are some IV Bottles produced by MG-PP.


    General Information MG-PP 8 MG-PP 10
    Clamping Force 600KN 750KN
    Clamping Stroke 130MM130MM
    Max. Stretching Stroke370MM370MM
    Bottom Moving Stroke50MM50MM
    Number of Cavities810
    Theoretical Output8000P/H 10000P/H
    Max.area of mouldbase0.4M20.4M2
    Max. Mould Thickness260MM260MM
    Max.area of mouldbase //
    Electrical System
    Voltage Standard 380V50HZ380V50HZ
    Number of Heating Zone 180KW224KW
    Total Power (Full Loaded) 200KW245KW
    Max. Container Volume 500ML500ML
    Neck Diameter Range 19MM19MM
    Max. Container Diameter 80MM80MM
    Max. Container Height 205MM205MM
    Air system
    Recommended Low air pressure 0.8-0.95MPa 0.8-0.95MPa
    Recommened High Air pressure 1.5-2.5MPa 1.5-2.5MPa
    Dimension & Weight
    Blow molding machine 11400X2100X1900mm11400X2100X1900mm
    Preform Autoloader 2200X1800X2500mm2200X1800X2500mm
    Net Weight //

    Mega Machinery, the Professional PP stretch blow moulding machine supplier in China.

    Note: PP stretch blow molding machine is also known as pharmaceutical stretch blow molding machines for IV bottles, Stretch blow molding machines for BOPP bottles and PP blow molding machine.