MG-PC25L Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine

    Brief Introduction

    MG-PC25L Extrusion blow moulding machine is designed for producing 5 gallon PC bottles, with the relatively low capital investment and output rates of up to 100 PBH, the extrusion blow molding process provides high quality PC water bottles at very attractive costs. Additionally, the extrusion blow molding process offers decisive benefits due to a virtually unlimited design freedom in terms of bottle geometry and easy incorporation of handles.

    Container/Bottle samplesContainers produced by MG-PC25L Extrusion blow Moulding Machine:

    5 Gallon PC bottle with handle

    5 Gallon PC bottle with handle

    5 Gallon PC bottle

    Technical Parameter

    Number of Head Set1
    Theoretical Output Pcs/h600
    (L×W×H) Dimension M6.3×2.3×4.55
    Max container L25L
    WeightT 11.8
    Extrusion Head
    Heating Zone Zone4
    Heating Capacity KW4.1
    Accumulator volumes L1.9
    Clamping unit
    Clamping force KN215
    Toggle Stroke MM350~780
    (W×H) Mold PlatenMM550×650
    Mold Height MM350-420
    Pump Drive KW 45
    Screw Fan KW 0.7
    Blow Pressure MPA1.2
    Air consumption M3/MIN 1.0
    Max Load KW 53
    Screw Diameter MM82
    Screw L/D L/D 38:1
    Extrusion Capacity KG/H 160
    Heating Zone ZONE8
    Heating Capacity KW16.7

    All specifications and designs are subject to change without note.

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    Note: Extrusion blow moulding machine for PC bottle is also called as extrusion blow molding machine for 5 gallon PC container.