Cap Lining Machine

    Brief Introduction

    The MG-2 Cap lining machine is mainly used to produce air-proof liner inside the plastic cap, it is common for the closure for the hot fill, tea drink and carbonated drink. With an additional liner inside the cap, the combined cap resists low internal pressure and prolongs the shelf life. It is integrated with functions such as, cap feeding, materials dripping, compressing molding, speed regulating. It works automatically to save the labor and increase the output. It is ideal for the cap manufacturer.

    Cap Sample Produces by MG-2 Machine

    The Cap before Lining

    The Cap after Lining

    Technical Parameter

    Rotating type 25000-30000/h
    Gasket weight0.25-0.4g/gasket
    Working gas pressure 0.4MPA
    Total power consumption 12KW
    Contour dimension2700*1400*1350mm
    Machine weight 2000kg
    Corollary equipment
    1 control cabinet 1 cap-arranging device
    1 injection machine 1 plastic molding machine

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