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UPS & Stabilizer UPS Prolink PRO 1201SFC
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EnerHome Line Interactive UPS 1200VA with AVR

•  TRUE AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation)
•  Fast Charging
•  Wide Input Voltage Range
•  Load Auto Sensing and Abnormal Protection

PROLiNK® EnerHome Line Interactive UPS 1200VA is designed with wide input voltage range for it and available for 1200VA with the newest technology and design. It is also compatible withsmall generators.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Boost and Buck TRUE AVR for Voltage Stabilization
    - automatically regulating and smoothing the power supply from voltage fluctuations (140-300V) to better protect your equipment with a constant voltage.
  • Fast charging
    - gain 90% capacity after 4-6hours of recharging
  • Off-mode Charging and Cold Start Function - PRO1200SV only
  • Wide Input Voltage range and compatible with small generators